19 June 2018


A) Deadlifts
3 x 3 reps at 85-90% of 1RM Deadlift

AMRAP 13, perform a reps scheme of:
2-4-6-8... and so on, of the following movements
Kettlebell Snatches
Box Jump Overs (Lt perform Box Step Overs)

KB weights
Rx: 20/14kg
Md: 18/12kg
Lt: 16/10kg

C) Accessory Strength
3 sets of 
25 Band Pull-Aparts
10 Deep Good Mornings, light load

Extra Credits:
i) Assault Bike intervals
3 sets of:
50/30 calories on the Assault Bike
EMOM perform 4 burpees, starting at 00:00
Rest 2 min between rounds

ii) Sled Push
Perform 4 sets of 15m
Use a very heavy load
Rest as needed between sets